Saturday, June 28, 2008


This isn’t a landmark theory marking a landmark achievement et al. It is literally about landmarks! If you wanna gauge where someone’s interests lie, especially if you are meeting them for the first time and hence make an evaluation of them, ask them where they want to meet. Tell them you don’t know the exact location and ask them for a suitable landmark nearby. The landmark will give an insight about what and where their interests lie.

I tried it out for myself. (well more like the incident inspired this theory but…) Mum wanted a new reliance connection for their all-India reliance to reliance free calling. I had to go and submit the documents and not knowing where the shop was I asked my mum where it was. Mum is bad with places and so was of little help. She gave me a bunch of roads to choose from and said it was somewhere on MG Road. ~sigh~

Then I asked my brother. He gave me a bunch of shops (viz. Woodlands, Adidas, Nike…) for the record there are more than a couple of showrooms of the said brands on the said road… can’t really blame him though can I? He is 15 and well the brands are his life… ~sigh~

So then I called up dad. (Which I should’ve done in the first place but then this theory wouldn’t have developed would it?) His directions were curt and precise. “Opposite Hotel Aurora Towers.” That was all he said.

Then there are my friends. Ask them where to meet. One of them will almost always pick out a multiplex. His life aims at just watching as many movies as he can. Another one will choose any place where there are a ton of women around. No guessing where his priorities lie. Another one will always choose a mall. And all she can think of is shopping! And then there are some who can tell me the place with pin-point accuracy but will meet me at some kiosk (is that the word?) that sells cigarettes. (more appropriately in our lingo, a “tapri” for all the “taporis”)

I am gonna have a little fun for myself over the next few days. Try it if you like!


Anonymous said...

gud 1.. is d frd who only thinks shoppin.. me?

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

what do you think dear?