Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Same Old Songs

My memory plays out to me, the same old songs,

I’m still the boy, who did no wrongs,

If I called you now, would you still come as before,

Or would you now, walk outta that door?

Have I already lost you to a memory,

Am I still supposed to believe what we shared was just another story,

Cause I’m still here waiting for you to return,

I’d do anything so your love I may earn.

My dreams still hold on to times gone by,

I’m still the boy, who’d never give up and fruitlessly try,

If I held your hand, would you also hold mine,

Or would you turn your back, tell me it ain’t fine?

Has the distance between us widened so,

Am I supposed to move on and let you go,

Cause I never will and forever I’ll be waiting here,

That one day again we’ll be together and hold “us” dear…

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