Saturday, June 28, 2008


You know how people always seem to be wiser than you and will always be giving you advice? Advice that is so good, they have a term for it which says “sound advice!” But honestly I think there is a very punny side to the term.

When someone gives you sound advice, the first time around it always is more of sound and less of advice. Quite like sound it has a few similar properties.

1. It travels at 332m/s. (Especially when it goes in from one ear and out the other!)

2. Like sound, it has a tendency to echo and come back to you (at the most inappropriate time when everything would’ve been just as it should’ve following the advice…but you didn’t and there they are waiting to say – “I told you so!”)

3. Like sound it has a tendency to travel with different velocities through different media (read different people…it travels outta some ears faster than others…and then there are the occasional ears that it gets absorbed in!)

4. And there is resonance… should there unfortunately be two people giving the same advice, the sound seems to get amplified!

5. And of course, what is acceptable to the ears, is popularly known as “music to my ears!” and should it be unacceptable, it is simply noise!

And a few other properties of sound that I cant recall anymore. But that in short is the “Sound Advice” theory.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes.
Now go and study instead of blogging!


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

im on a vacation man!!!

thanks for the advice though!!!