Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back In Time...

After a long long time, I stumbled upon some of my old favourites from my school days as I was rummaging through millions of songs on a friends lappie. Funny how songs that once were on the the tip of your tongue find themselves categorically filed to the forgotten sections of your memory.
I don’t know if you have ever tried it but I am sure you have, and when you listen to these songs after ages, they have the ability to take you back through time to those days of yore. I can still remember myself from those school-days when we school-boys crooned out numbers from BSB, Boyzone, Bryan Adams and the lot. When I waited eagerly every morning as they played these songs over and over again on MTV (and surprisingly enough, never bored me!) Damn, wonder where those days of innocence passed you by… (and I mean YOU! I am still the same little obnoxious and innocent and (cute?) little child I was so long ago.) I might have become a little more reserved cause I am being hounded by grand old men who have long forgotten what it means to be young at heart. Damn, how can you choose to chase money and power in dark and dangy corporate corridors over chasing balls on the playing ground? (Told you, I still am the child I was ten years ago (or ten days ago, the time-frame really doesn’t matter does it?) it’s YOU that has changed… I still am stopped at the doors of any bar I enter with YOU cause they reckon I am not over 18!)
Ok, ok… Ill lay back on all the sarcasm. Honestly though, it was a wonderful feeling to listen to those songs all over again. I might well have been in school in that hour of beautiful music in my ears as I ran on the beach. (Damn, I am reduced to running on the beach as the old men around me meanwhile drown themselves in books and assignments and other such frivolous activities on their laptops. I would have much rather fought with the guys on whether it was a 6 or a 4 and in the worst case watched The Flintstones or DuckTales…)
Damn, I really wish YOU hadn’t grown up, so much so, that I would have to keep travelling back in time along those corridors of memories to recall the last time YOU laughed out loud! Or maybe its just that I am a bit too different. People generally confuse their memories with their dreams, I just confuse my present with my memories… Do I hear the guys calling me to play downstairs? (Hmmm… maybe if I could turn back time!!!)

Oh! and P.S. You know you are getting old when you start getting nostalgic... Damn, if thats true, maybe I'm getting old too!!! ACK!!!

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