Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Night to Remember!

I tell you, my life is really to be envied of at the moment! These are probably the best years of my life and I really don’t think life could or would ever get better than this for me or for that matter, neither do I consider anybody else as lucky as me to be where I am, when I am and with whom I am. I am having a blast with some really good new friends in a new city (which, might I add, I still haven’t begun liking!) Nonetheless, this time could never compare to the times I spent so long ago back in Pune. Then again, that’s water under the bridge. The present is another experience in itself!
Beginning with the first evening… Me and Anuj were craving for a break from the regular food of the canteen or elsewhere and hence decided to head out for pizza at Dominoes. Dominoes have an outlet close to the station and the two of us headed there in all eagerness. Unfortunately for us though, Dominoes only have a take away counter in Vile Parle… we discovered this when we reached the counter!
Now we faced the inevitable option of looking at some other avenues for satisfying our carnal needs. Would it be pizzas at Smokin Joe’s or Pizza Hut? (If you know me or even have been reading this blog for some time, and you actually think that either of the two were options that I would have considered and (worse!) you think I would actually write about it in this sacred space, please feel free to committing suicide by crashing into a mosquito!)
We decided to do something drastic and parceled a couple of pizzas, some garlic bread and some soft drinks and headed down to the beach to enjoy a fabulous dinner! Honestly, I wonder why people don’t do it more often! Fabulous ambience, moonlight dinner and if you sit anywhere close to ‘Sun n Sand,’ you would also be the beneficiaries of some nice music from some wedding party in their lawns!
Huh… good music, moonlight dinner and the beach on a cold January evening. As romantic as this life could afford… and I am sharing it with Anuj! Story of my life… right place, wrong time!

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