Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Storm in My Mind

Do you know I am in the midst of a storm,
My oars are weak and my boat is worn,
The sky is falling as I see it,
The waves are growing and I long for sand in my feet…
Do you know I am in the midst of a battle,
My bullets are wasted and my gun’s a rattle,
The line is breaking as I stand ground,
My mates are fallen and I long for the sparrows sound…
Do you know I am stuck in the desert,
My throat is parched and my eyes do hurt,
The vultures are crowding as I walk on,
The sand seems endless and for some water I long…
But the storm in the ocean doesn’t bother me,
The din of battle couldn’t shatter me,
The heat of the desert couldn’t sear me,
Cause I know when I am outta here, in your arms I shall be…

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