Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Quandry

Some movies are so well made, they make you think and take stock. Anybody who has seen TZP, I am sure will understand what I mean. If not for Darsheel’s stellar performance, matched onscreen by the phenomenally talented Aamir, the storyline itself will hit home and punch you straight in the heart. My dad for one, found it hard to believe this was a bollywood movie. “For a change,” says he, “Bollywood movies seem to be coming of age!” This of course, is a man who doesn’t really watch Bollywood movies too much. Recently though, (thanks to this useless son of his,) he has watched movies like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Bheja Fry’ and liked them a lot.
Well, that apart, the movie really put me in a quandary cause now I am in a dilemma. Ironically enough, you do know that in my previous post, I did lay down my dreams and as a part of that elaborate set-up of my life, I have said somewhere that I do wish to take up teaching towards the latter part of my life. However, the movie raises a debate as to whether I should take up teaching special kids. Of course, I need to first establish whether I am good enough to be able to cope up with the rigours of teaching these special kids. But if I could, I would teach at a school for special kids, at least part time.
Honestly though, I am kinda disappointed that I am not a dyslexic. It means I am a part of the crowd and chances that I shall one day dazzle the world with my brilliance are now even slimmer!
(Hehehehe… yeah yeah… go on and laugh it off)

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rahul said...

i think u shud remove the last part....maybe it hasnt come out the way u had intended it to