Sunday, January 13, 2008


Nothing’s ever big or small,
And we don’t even have to call,
Cause more than we know, we can guess by now,
What we’re feeling and just how,
And we needn’t ever fret, for each other we’re always there,
And no matter what we show, we’ll always care,
Nobody’s perfect as we both have guessed,
Each others flaws are what hold interest,
And there are so many times still to come,
When we shall fight and share moments awesome (and then some!)
As we dance and tango and gauge each other,
Wary at once and then without bother,
Trying to understand ourselves and then us,
As we share so much, then make a fuss,
We mock each other and we both do share,
A marriage of the minds, weird and fabulously rare…
P.S. For my dear friends the Jains, theTagras, the Rehanis
and all those lovely couples out there who are
already married in the mind!
( also for the Snehis? hehehe, i wish :P )

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