Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bikram Wisodm

1. Of yesterday I had been trying to make sense,
Before I realised, tomorrow was present tense…

2. Loved myself to destruction,
Waiting to be loved to resurrection!

3. Maybe its a matter of pure chance,
But in my life, never has there been any romance!

4. If I never gave my life too much thought,
Never could I have to my lips, this smile brought!

5. The happiest that you could ever be,
Is when nothing but sadness around do you see!

6. Its not always easy to do what is right,
Sometimes, even the good you have to fight!

7. Life could never be fair,
If it were, eagles would never dare!

8. Where you are doesn’t matter as such,
Where you will yourself to be matters much!

9. Whoever said life doesn’t give you a second chance,
Never knew the meaning of romance!

10. Life says there are a million reasons to smile,
But the most precious to me is the sight of you, even if from a distant mile!

11. I could live without seeing the sun,
But if the day would pass by without seeing you, it wouldn’t be any fun!

12. Life’s joys are misconstrued and frantic,
Unless of course, you happen to be a hopeless romantic!!!

13. Stop floating in a world of dreams,
Open your eyes, there is more to reality than it seems!!!

Yeah, its been a productive evening! Been that kinda day actually… also had my first visit to the BSE today!

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