Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Life - A Movie

When I’m dead, would my life make for a movie?
Would it be a drama all serious or just seriously funny?

Would it be a story encapsulating a doomed romance?
Or like my attitude, would it take an optimistic glance?

Would it implore a mature psyche on all things life?
Or would it just be a child’s view cutting through butter like a warm knife?

Would it be a story of friends having a gala time?
Or would it be a solitary poet writing his rhyme?

Would it be a tale of courage, betrayal and hope?
Or would it just be a tale tying everything with a sarcastic rope?

Would it be a story of living life with pure grit?
Or would it be a story of just gliding through it?

Would it be a thrilling mystery?
Or would it be just plain history?

Would the ending be happy or sad?
Or would the fact that it got over make people glad?

Would it warrant a second time see?
Or would it be an iconic anthology?

Well I dunno how long the movie might end up being,
But even if it’s a short one, I bet a significant part in it you will be playing!


bluebutterfly said...

so first off a happy new year , my stupid comp went thru a revamp so i lost my blogroll ....
but now i have found it ... duh! obviously ... anyways ... now this is something which is really good and gave me somehting to think about ... right now all i can think of is a serious comedy or perhaps just all the things you wrote ....

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

bluebutterfly:>> hey,
happy new year to you too...
life's always a movie and you are always the protagonist, what kinda movie you want is always upto you...just dont let anybody else direct it!!!

and thank you so much for the comment...
at least somebody leaves a thought here...
all you other morons, please drop in a word!!! 25 hits a day on an average and not one friggin comment! ok, one sweet comment... but the others, how about encouraging me here? (or discouraging me, whichever way, say something!!!)
the silence is killing me!
(although the rate at which im blogging might suggest otherwise!)